Image resizer powertoy for windows 7

Ok so its not entirely for windows 7 but I only discovered it when I was trying to find something to make my 10 mega pixel photos a more reasonable size and more importantly, not take 5 hours to send via email. So off I went searching Google and finding a host of small photo editing packages as well as some more professional packages, either way they were not what I was looking for until I found the image resizer powertoy on codeplex.

Codeplex is Microsofts answer to sourceforge and has a a wealth of fantastic resources which could keep you busy for weeks.

I hope this helps someone and certainly hope it keeps you away from the tons of spyware infested image editing packages that claim to be free and instead make your computer a ad infested mess.

How does it work?

Download the right package (64-bit or 32-bit) both available on codeplex, install and then right click on any picture and you will see the following context menu

Click on resize pictures and you will see a few simple options (small, medium, large and custom) and then click OK. Job done :)

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